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Anmeldeschluss für das Sommersemester:
jeweils 15.1.

Anmeldeschluss für das Wintersemester:
jeweils 15.7.


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General information about the MSc "Drug Research"

What does the MSc course impart?

The MSc course comprises four semesters and is non-consecutive, i.e. it is not based on a specific bachelor course. The study programme with emphasis on research is focussed on theoretical courses and current projects imparting a profound knowledge in various aspects of drug research. By conducting own research projects students are to develop professional skills in the pharmaceutical sciences which are mainly applicable in the pharmaceutical or pharmacy-related industry and pharmaceutical research institutions.

How is the MSc course structured?

The MSc course is characterised by a wide range of mandatory, core and advanced modules (see Appendices 1 of PO) among which the students can select individually together with a supervisor (university professor or university teacher). The students can decide for one of the following seven pharmaceutical disciplines:

  • pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry
  • pharmaceutical biomedicine
  • pharmaceutical biology
  • pharmaceutical technology
  • pharmacology and toxicology
  • clinical pharmacy
  • pharmaceutical microbiology

In the first semesters the students attend several core modules to obtain basic knowledge in the pharmaceutical sciences. Simultaneously the students specialise in the selected pharmaceutical discipline by attending a variety of mandatory modules from this particular field. In the fourth semester they complete their studies with a master thesis in the selected discipline. In each semester modules counting for a total of 30 credits must be achieved.

Who can apply for the MSc course?

The MSc course is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, natural sciences or sciences closely related to pharmacy, as well as medical students from Germany and other countries. In addition, the MSc course provides an opportunity for German pharmacy graduates to acquire a scientific qualification after their studies of pharmacy (2nd state examination). For those candidates it is possible to get accreditation of the core modules in the pharmaceutical disciplines reducing the length of study by about two semesters.

Which entrance requirements exist for the MSc course?

Admission is possible for applicants with a completed academic qualification and a degree which contains an initial professional qualification, e.g.

1. a passed pharmaceutical, medical or animal health state examination or any equivalent degree, or

2. a bachelor´s degree of pharmacy or a bachelors´s degree in other natural sciences from a field of knowledge closely related to pharmacy with a study duration of at least 6 semesters and the degree being acquired in an EU country, or

3. a bachelor´s degree obtained in a non-EU country and an additional verification that the content of the studies is adequate, and, if applicable, a knowledge test.

Which language is used in the MSc course?

Whereas most modules are held in German, individual modules are held in English, i.e. in general, there is a bilingual conception of the MSc course.

How to apply for the MSc course?

Due to the intensive mentoring only about 20 candidates per semester can be accepted. It is highly recommended to get in contact with one or more of the supervisors of the preferred subject in advance to ask for vacancies. Applications for the summer term will start in December. The required documents can be uploaded as pdf file(s).

The application must contain:

  • the diploma grade record of the academic studies as a formal qualification
  • the transcript with the individual subjects/courses
  • a proof of sufficient knowledge of the German (level DSH2 or C1) and English language (level B2)
  • the selected pharmaceutical disciplines

The deadline for a start in the winter term is July 15th, for the summer term January 15th.

There is no fee for the master's programm, only a social contribution students have to pay per semester.

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